16 сентября / 2020

Reminder for candidates applying for Russian government scholarships in 2020/2021

Attention candidates who have passed the first phase of the selection for education in the Russian Federation.

Rossotrudnichestvo has passed the lists containing candidates’ information to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry publishes the information about the candidates in the RUSSIA-EDU.RU information system for their further forwarding into their respective schools.

After completing your dossier you will be granted access to the Ministry’s RUSSIA-EDU.RU system, through which you will receive updates on which Russian university has selected you (and the status of your dossier will change respectively). When your status changes, you are to contact the school that has selected you (the contacts of schools can be found in the RUSSIA-EDU.RU system) and learn the procedure, terms and conditions of your enrollment, as well as other information you might have questions about.

In case there are procedural questions regarding the second phase of the candidate selection, you may contact the Department of State Policy in Higher Education of the Ministry through the following means:

- mobile hotline:

+7 985-727-61-10

- landlines:

+7 (499) 246 31 10

+7 (495) 547-13-63

- e-mails: