Cooperation offers from the Russian Federations

VAER S.C. LTD - Kaliningrad, RUSSIA


Dear Sirs!

"VAER S.C" LTD - Kaliningrad, RUSSIA, producing fishing-catching implements, and his official dealer at the African zone Lithuania company JSC "Baltnet" offers you mutually satisfying relationship in the sphere of fishery industry.

To essential production domains there refer:

- Manufacturing of finished commodity (trawls, pouches, purses, purse nets);

- Manufacturing of componentry (cargo and power frames, plates, belt for trawl pouches, mooring ends, cable equipment).

- Manufacturing SWEEP- NETS (new)

We produce a full assortment of fishing-catching implements, both according to the clients

designs and to our own plans which are of great reputation. High qualified engineers of our company have more than 30 years experience in the field of designing, it enables them to modify any standard design of a client accordingly his/her demands. It is an important advantage of the service, presented.

Last year we have started with new project Tuna-1. Tuna-1 it is construction of  sweep-net which were designed by the project Kasamrov sweep-net. As known this sweep-net are produced from the high quality materials. We found the way to produce sweep-nets with the same construction and quality characteristics (materials: Portugal - floats, Spain - chains, Russia - nettings) but with reduction prices. Now on our factory we producing 3 sweep-nets Tuna-1. Our Buyers have got possibility to come on our factory at any time for seen process. Eminently qualified specialists have noted that Tuna-1 is magnificent developed projects and including all necessary characteristics for excellent fishing. By the following reason we are ready to represent our TUNA-1 and offer it for your consideration. 

At the African zone we are served by our official dealer - the Lithuania company JSC "Baltnet". 

Сompany JSC "Baltnet" offer their clients the service of free installation and adjustment of the fishing-catching equipment by the qualified personal. 

If necessary we can send you the comments, concerning the work of our production, written by our other clients. Our representative is ready to arrive at Ghana to clear up a possibility sale of our production and cooperation with local net-business.

Please transmit this information to shipowner of the Ghana tuna seiner or another person interesting  in cooperation.

Hope to have with you mutually satisfying relationship.

Best Regards 

Anatoliy MAZIN, Chief Executive JSC "Baltnet". 

Russia: Fax +7 4112 44 32 98, Phone +7 4112 47 26 99

Lithuania: Fax +370 380 35 481

Dear Sirs! 

We welcome you on Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Factory (YAIZ). YAIZ is a leading Russian manufacturer of insulators and line fittings for power transmission lines and switchgears in the stations and substations. 

We can offer you the following:

  • insulators: glass suspension, ceramic pin-type high-voltage, ceramic pin-type low-voltage, ceramic post, trolley ones;
  • line fittings: coupling, suspension, tension, connection, protection, mounting fittings;

Main consumers of YAIZ production are RAO "United Power Systems of Russia", Railway Ministry of Russian Federation. 

Since 1996 we have been using the system of a quality management which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The system was certificated by Gosstandart of Russia and approved by the firm TUV CERT (Germany).  

The factory possesses not only four major production shops but also a complex of engineering departments and auxiliary shops ensuring research and development of new products, their introduction in the production process, updating of the existing technological processes, manufacture of auxiliary tools and instruments, repairing, transportation and other activities.

Combined efforts of these departments enable us to meet the demands of our clients in high quality products and in due time.

YAIZ provides all regions of Russia with its production and makes deliveries to many countries of the world. The factory is well known in Scandinavia, England, Argentina, and also Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Nepal, Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

Sincerely yours,
Export Department 

Please contact us by E-mail:

Also you can use phone +7 (343)217-48-40 


July 21, 2005

Dear Ladies and Sirs,

Herewith we would like to present the Volgo-Vyatsky Industrial Subcontracting Centre Ltd. Using its own production capacities, industrial and scientific potential of the companies located in the Volga-Vyatsky region, the North-West region of Russian Federation and in the Ural, Industrial Subcontracting Centre Ltd. is ready to provide the following technological services:

  • fabrication of accessories
  • machining
  • casting
  • forging, die forming
  • application of coatings to metals (galvanization,  strengthening of metals etc).

Considering machinery building as the main field of activity our company is dealing with  projects lying in border areas such as chemistry, new materials etc.

The staff of our company includes high-level specialists in the field of machinery building, chemistry, petrol and mining equipment production, materials science, business consulting and research.

Our company can create the market of suppliers and is ready to take the obligations to introduce into the production the system of the quality monitoring, to develop and introduce together with the customer the plan aimed to reduce production expenditures.

Industrial Subcontracting Centre Ltd. solves practical questions related to effective cooperation between industrial companies, makes estimation of their technological capabilities. We are ready to find for you a good place for you business in Russia.

Representatives of our company will answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have an interest to the cooperation with Industrial Subcontracting Centre in the specified fields.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Jackov Mayurov, Ph.D., Department for Foreign Affairs



We are happy to have an opportunity to greet you on behalf of the «Russian Buses» company and herewith present you our company’s profile.

«Russian Buses» is a holding company, which incorporates four Russian leading manufacturers of buses: the Pavlovsky Avtobus JSC, the Likynsky Avtobus Ltd., the Golytsinsky Bus Plant JSC and the Kurgansky Bus Plant JSC. Today the holding company is one of the largest bus manufacturers and sellers in Russia, CIS countries and in Eastern Europe. 

All factories have the certificate of quality ISO 9001 regards to design, production, sales and warranty service of buses and spare parts which appears to be the guarantee of high class production. 

The factories of the Company specializes on the production of definite type of buses: the Pavlovsky Avtobus JSC – city and suburban buses of small and middle classes (7 – 9 meters); the Likynsky Avtobus Ltd. – city and suburban buses of big class (12 , 15 , 18 meters); the Golytsinsky Bus Plant JSC – intercity and coaches buses; Kurgansky Bus Plant JSC – special purpose buses, including school buses.

“Russian Buses” company manufactures a complete range of buses: from small to extra large articulated linked and coaches buses.

The production of our factories is well known not only in Russia, but also abroad and has the reputation of inexpensive and high quality vehicles which are able to operate in different environmental conditions. Number of models produced by our factories responds to ecological standards Euro-2 and Euro-3. At the present time we are preparing for manufacturing fundamentally new models including low-floor buses for passenger’s transportation in cities.

Developed in 2003 low-floor buses PAZ-3237 and LiAZ-5259 launched in 2004. The production of coaches buses “Cruize” on Scania chassis started, the intercity and city buses LiAZ has been modernized, the LiAZ-5256 with gas Cummins engine Euro-3 has been created. Jointly with the Moscow trolleybus factory, the Likynsky Avtobus Ltd. participates in the production of trolley buses on the bodies of LiAZ-5256 and low-floor LiAZ-5292. We prepared 2 samples of small class city buses with the Cummins engine and the injector engine adapted for the functioning on liquefied gas for commercial transportation for Motor-show 2004 on the Pavlovsky Avtobus JSC. All these mode are appropriate not only for big cities, but also for regional areas.

The determinative factor in the production of Russian buses on the fundamentally new level was the intensive cooperation with foreign partners – producers of parts. These models are the coach GolAZ-5291 “Cruize”, produced on Scania chassis and city buses LiAZ, equipped with the Caterpillar engines, Knorr-Bremser brake systems, Webasto heaters and so on. 

For the developing of cooperation with our partners, our Company orients on the flexible price politics and the price/quality ratio of the producer of accessories. 

In such combinations of organization and technological processes – renewal of production funds, the modern Russian buses compare to the highest world standards.

The total outputs of the company amounts to over 16 thousand buses while its annual sales volume is about 400 million USD per year and at present we are building up our production capacities.

The export of buses for the last three years has been dynamically increasing (see the table below).






Buses, units





Shareofexports, %





Our holding company is going to increase the share of exports in its total sales up to 28% by the year of 2005. 

We have delivered our products to such countries as the CIS, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Uruguay, Vietnam, Angola, Nigeria, Romania, Bulgaria and Guinea.

The advantage of our offer besides competitive prices is that the product range of the “Russian Buses” Company can meet the full scope of requirements of the passenger traffic market. 

Our enterprises have a vast experience in delivering buses within international tenders and government programs.  

Taking into consideration the established world practices and the peculiar properties of Russian market, “Russian Buses” Company actively develops different plans of financial cooperation with the clients, provides warranty services of buses and can meet the full scope of requirements of the passenger traffic market. 

We are prepared to discuss cooperation either in the delivery of finished buses, in the sphere of complex solutions of the problem of passenger’s transportation or machine systems (CKD) for assembly production.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, we are kindly asking you to support us in establishing of business relations on the market of the Republic of Ghana for promoting of leading Russian bus plants in the region.

All information about the production of “Russian Buses” Company You can find on our web-address:



Petrovka st., 17/1
Moscow, 107031, Russia
tel: +7(095) 514-32-08
107031 г. Москва
ул. Петровка, 17/1
тел. (095) 514-32-08

Dear ladies and gentlemen! 

Our fast-growing Russian company "Development of territories" would be pleased to set up with you mutually beneficial and high-profitable contacts. Our business is promoting Russian enterprises' scientific developments, services and products. We have intention and capability to cooperate with you in that sphere of activity. 

Our company's Motto is "Reliability, stability and legality for the prosperity". Please let us know the specifics of your interests in Russian Federation, and we will serve you to realize them efficiently and professionally. 

List of Russian High Tech Products and Services

  1. Removal of Biofouling from Submerged Surfaces.

    Brief description:

  • cleaning rate of up to 1000 m2/hour;
  • depending on the settings, it is possible to remove fouling without damaging the protective coating or remove all coatings down to "base metal" for subsequence repair and painting;
  • no consumables are necessary;
  • continuous operation for an extended period of time;
  • he technology is universal and can be used for any thickness and type of fouling;
  • high quality cleaning is possible in hard-to-reach places;
  • pollution-free technology because the only material used is ambient water.

      Possible use:

Cleaning the submerged surfaces of:

  • various crafts;
  • marine and river waterworks and harbor installations, including offshore oil and gas production platforms, oil-loading racks and terminals and pipelines.

Cleaning of deposits, scale, rust and paint in the aircraft industry (compressor and turbine blades and vanes), metal manufacture (metal sheets and plates after rolling), upstream and downstream petroleum industry (tanks, the internal surfaces of tubing and casing), power industry (internal surfaces of heat exchangers) and public utilities (sewers and pipelines).

        2. Exploration and Evaluation of Mineral Deposits and Aquifers

  1. Brief description:

  • the method is based on the amplification and reflection of electromagnetic waves in the microwave band from a stationary mass or running flow;
  • the method reliability is close to 100%, with a depth measurement error of no more than  5%;
  • mineral deposits can be located at a depth of up to 5 km, including offshore areas;
  • the method can practically eliminate the need for exploratory drilling which will result in considerable savings.

      Possible use:

  • discovery of high-quality drinking water for communities;
  • location of spills and leaks from underground and underwater oil and gas pipelines as well as spills and leaks of poisonous liquids from underground tanks and pipelines;
  • supplementary exploration of producing fields and mines.

Yours sincerely,
Svetlana Yachevskaya, Director of the foreign Economic activity Department

Presentation of Products (PowerPoint Slide)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are "Legion" company from the city of Izhevsk, Russia and we are looking for business partners abroad.

We would like to introduce to you one of the best and exclusive Russian products which may proudly represent Russia in other countries, that is hunting firearms with enhanced finish, increased grouping of shots, and artistic decoration (engraving, wood carving, and precious metals insertions). We hope that you will find this information useful.

Our company has been working in hunting firearms market for 4 years and we would like to find new contacts in other countries. We sell hunting and air guns, both wholesale and retail. We buy gun components from Concern "Izhmash" which was founded 200 years ago and is a world-famous gun manufacturer. 

We do mounting, testing, and enhance our guns with artistic decoration. We would like to emphasize that we provide individual hand-made adjustment to all parts and units while assembling, which increases the quality of shot grouping and accuracy. We produce stocks, buttstocks, fore ends, hand guards made of a high-quality walnut with decoration carvings and insertion of metals or precious metals into wood. We also take orders for manufacture and artistic decoration of knives, axes, wooden cases for them, wooden caskets of original shapes and other products by piece. 

We have a wide choice of hunting shotguns of various calibers and modifications which are based on design and production resources of the world-known Kalashnikov machine-gun and Dragunov sharpshooter rifle, and they are highly appreciated in this country and abroad.

Legion has fulfilled orders for Presidents of Russia, Byelorussia, Turkmenistan, the King of Jordan, Russian President's plenipotentiary, former and current Vice-Prime Ministers of Russia, famous Russian businessmen and other prominent people. The most demanded type of hunting gun decoration is engraving and carving of hunting scenes with precious metals inserted, as well as name monograms.

Our company has all the necessary licenses and permissions to effect international transactions. We provide our clients with every assistance as far as legal issues and documentation. Our guns are special for their high quality, best traditions of manufacture and low prices.

Please write back to We are attaching a brief presentation of our products to this message. For more detailed information you are welcome to visit our web site on (currently the Russian version is only available, but very soon we are launching an English version).


Anna Madyarova, Manager Commercial Department of "Legion" 

 Russian company "УРАЛСПЕЦТЕХНИКА ("URALSPETSTEHNIKA") makes on the basis of automobiles URAL trucks for the oil, timber and gas industry, and also, timber and pipe-and-log road trains, wagon trucks intended for shift crews carrying. Over 150 models of various special equipment designed for oil-and-gas complex, timber industry, road building and public utilities, enforcement authorities are mounted on URAL chassis in co-operation with special equipment makers.  Our techniques (technical equipment) have perfectly recommended itself in heavy conditions of the Russian and other countries.

    Company would like to find reliable partners, and present its production on the Ghana market. 

    Company is ready to give more detailed information on any questions interesting Ghanaian businessman.

    Contact person - IGOR GONCHAROV

    Phone: 007 (095) 5107224

 Russian company "Unimed-Impex" is interested in finding companies and people that could be interested in medical goods manufactured in the Russian Federation.

    The main business fields of the company are:

    - medical equipment;
    - medical laboratory instruments and expendables;
    - stomatology instruments, equipment and expendables;
    - disposable materials;
    - laser instruments and devices in medicine.

    Contacts: 129301, Russia, Moscow, Kasatkina str., 3a. Tel.: 007-095-9358650; fax: 007-095-5648641;  e-mail:

 Russian Concern "KTZ" is interested in finding partners in Ghana that could be interested in tractors manufactured in the Russian Federation. Information about the production of the Concern you can see at the sites:

    Contacts: 121099, Russia, Moscow, Novinsky bulvar, 11. Tel./fax: 007-095-2525371;
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