No. 03/ 501          25.04. 2003

Co-operation offers from the "Traktoroexport Ltd."       


"Traktoroexport Ltd." - one of the largest exporters of  tractors and agricultural machines, bulldozers, motor graders, rollers and other road-building and earth-moving equipment, different kind of trucks, cars and buses, municipal vehicles, special cars  and spare  parts to the above machines, - expresses deep respect to your   organization and addresses with the following information.            

Traktoroexport, formed in 1961, now has close connections with the        basic industrial enterprises which traditionally manufacture products for export. Among them are giants of the Russian machine-building industry  such as Volgograd tractor plant, Cheljabinsk tractor plant,  Tverj excavator plant, “Kraneks” plant for mobile cranes, Orjol plant for road-building machines, Rybinsk road-roller plant, KAMAZ, UralAZ,        Torjok plant for fire fighting machines,  loader plant of Orjol sity and others.        

The above mentioned machines are well adapted to work in difficult  climatic conditions, are reliable, but at the same time they are simple in operation and technical service. With the deliveries of machines our company creates service centers and carries out training the personnel of the buyers.       

During 40-years history of the company more than one and a half  millions agricultural wheel and crawler tractors from 25 up to 300 are h.p. were delivered to 84 countries of the world. There were delivered soil-cultivating machines, seeders, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery for the sum about $4,5 bln.      

The Russian equipment finds a demand by fulfillment of the international aid programs of UNDP, OIP UN, Worldbank, FAO and others. Traktoroexport often was awarded by the contracts of these programs and  has successfully delivered various equipment to Iraq, Mongolia, Kyrgyz  republic.            

We are attaching to this letter the list of machines of our export  program and technical specification of some of them in .doc and .pdf        files. These machines are the basic scope of the large nomenclature of        goods we can supply.        

If you are interested with our proposal of cooperation and wanted to  purchase of high-quality and productive equipment from Russia or from        other countries of former Soviet Union we kindly ask you to address        immediately to us, and we are ready to accept your business offers and        to present you the additional information on any question regarding        machines and technical equipment.            


            Traktoroexport  Ltd