Cooperation offers from the Udmurt Republic

Machine-building and metal-working 

 Machine-building and metal-working is the leading industry in the Udmurt Republic. The share of this branch comprises 40% of total industrial output over the recent years.

The leading businesses are automobile making and manufacturing products for oil industry.

The main manufacturers of oil and gas equipment are JSC “Izhneftemash”, “Votkinsky plant”, JSC “Sarapul power generator plant”, “Izhevsk mechanical plant”, “Izhevsk electric and mechanic plant ”Kupol”, JSC “Bummash”, JSC “Sarapul  machine-building plant”, JSC “Reduktor”. These enterprises manufacture a wide range of products for the needs of the oil and gas complex of the republic and beyond its borders. A product by JSC “Izhneftemash” – subsurface sucker rod pump - became a laureate of the contest “100 best products of Russia”.

State enterprise “Izhevsk mechanical plant” and JSC “Izhevsk arms plant” are among the main manufacturers of sporting and hunting guns in Russia. These enterprises manufacture air rifles and pistols, smooth-bore rifles, rifled and combined guns. Hunting carbines (caliber 9 mm) made by “Izhevsk arms plant” became a laureate of the “100 best products of Russia” contest in the nomination “Industrial products for the population”. Export sales of hunting and sporting guns made by Udmurt companies comprise 60 % of the Russian export. 


JSC “Concern “Izhmash”

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, pr. Deriabina 3,
Phone/fax: 7 (3412) 49-54-44, fax: 7 (3412) 78-48-58
E-mail:, website:

JSC “Izhmash” is the Russian largest diversified enterprise, founded in 1807. 30 thousand people currently work for the enterprise. Main areas of activity are: designing, manufacturing and supplying of the military and civilian arms,            high-accuracy guided weapons, cars, motorcycles, machine-tools, high quality tools, metallurgical products. The enterprise is comprised of 46 subsidiary joint stock companies. Plants manufacturing principal products are:

JSC “Izh-Avto”

426060, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Avtozavodskaia 5,
Phone: 7 (3412) 26-02-62, fax: 7 (3412) 26-12-51
E-mail:, website:

Izhevsk Car Plant was established in 1965 as a part of JSC “Izhmash”. Its rated production capacity exceeds 220 thousand cars a year. This amount of product is ensured due to the use of new technologies of the leading western            companies. The production facilities occupy 460 hectares of land.

Today Subsidiary JSC “Izhmash-Avto” produces the following types of cars: Izh-2126 “Oda”, Izh-2717 (van), Izh-27171 (pickup). Izh-2126 “4õ4” conveyor production was started in 2000. About 100 thousand cars of different            modifications is planned to produce in 2002.

JSC «Izhevsk Motorcycles»

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Telegina 30,
Phone: 7 (3412) 71-87-33, fax: 7 (3412) 71-35-91
E-mail:, website:

Several models of “Izh” motorcycles are produced in Izhevsk by JSC “Izhevsk Motorcycles” today. Among them there are 2 modifications of “Planet” motorcycles and 2 modifications of “Jupiter” motorcycles of 350 cm3 class. These            models have earned strong reputation of reliable “work horses” both in the Russian and in the foreign markets.

Besides, new “Izh 6.113-05 Yunker” chopper class motorcycle production was started in 2001. A new product of 2002 is “Izh 2.673 Kornet” motorcycle with 50 cm3 engine.

A patrol police motorcycle modification is manufactured on the base of Junker and Jupiter models. A motorcycle for snow and swamp conditions is designed for Emercom of the Russian Federation.

JSC “Izhevsk Motorcycles” range of products includes not only batch production motorcycles but also the means of small-scale mechanization such as a motor pump, stationary engine and also several assembly units for Izh cars.

Subsidiary JSC «Izhevsk Arms Factory»

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Deriabina 3,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-06-29, fax: 7 (3412) 51-25-22
E-mail:, website:

Izhevsk Arms Factory was founded in 1807. Enterprise main areas of activity include: manufacturing of military, sport and hunting weapons, special purpose products, comprehensive warranty service and technical support. Product competitiveness            is ensured with 190 years of experience, modern technologies and traditional high quality. An “Armourer’s skill school” is operating at a plant.


Auto-loading and manual load hunting guns, ñold steel and throwing weapons, arms for sports.

Besides JSC “Izhmash” group enterprises produce military weapons - and that is “Kalashnikov” machine-gun series and Dragunov sniper rifle, special weapons for special forces - “Bizon” submachine-guns, aircraft cannons, high accuracy guided            shells for small targets, guided weapons control and monitoring equipment and many others.

Subsidiary JSC «Izhmash-Stanko»

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Deriabina 3,
Phone/fax: 7 (3412) 78-00-40
E-mail:, website:

Machine-tool Building Plant was established in 1930. The product range includes: a range of universal precision and high-precision lathes with processing diameter under the bed equal to 250 mm, 500 mm in length, special machine-tools for            manufacturing barrels.


Screw-cutting lathes:
- Universal: 250ITVM.01, 250ITVM.03, 50ITVMF.1, 250ITPM 250ITPM.11, 250ITPM.12 ITS11, ITS12
- Special purpose high-precision IT 42

Subsidiary JSC «Metallurgical Plant «Izhmash»

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Votkinskoe shosse 13-th km,
Phone/fax: 7 (3412) 26-46-61
E-mail:, website:

Metallurgical Plant supplies a group of JSC “Izhmash” plants with its metallurgy products. Product range includes: non-ferrous castings, iron castings, mould castings, high-precision steel castings, forgings, stamps, moulds. The enterprise has the following facilities: non-ferrous metal casting workshop, iron casting workshop, press shop, auxiliary workshops building, power workshop with power, compressed air and recycling water supply equipment set, it has a railway station with the access to the railways of the Ministry of Railways. Strict quality control is carried out at all manufacturing stages which results in meeting the highest quality requirements which are set for part billets in the machine-building industry.

State Unitary Enterprise «Izhevsk Mechanical Plant»

426063, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Promishlennaia 8,
Phone: 7 (3412) 76-11-86, fax: 7 (3412) 76-58-30
E-mail:, website:

State Unitary Enterprise “Izhevsk Mechanical Plant” and Subsidiary JSC “Izhevsk Arms Factory” are one of the main producers of sport and hunting guns in Russia. The share of the Udmurt Republic enterprises in the exports of military and            hunting rifles comprises 60% of the total Russian exports of such articles.

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is one of the largest producers of civilian arms and arms for special forces and police in the world. The rifles produced at Izhevsk Mechanical Plant have won world recognition because of the their low price, extreme reliability, fine performance characteristics. This statement is proved by the fact the arms produced at the plant are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The enterprise has great armourer’s traditions, an armourer’s skill school is  operating. Today the plant produces magnificent rifles with artistic decoration. The rifle making traditions, the originality of engraver’s school and handicraft skills are being preserved and developed. Plant production facilities allow to  manufacture arms which satisfy the most demanding customer and maintain Izhevsk armourers’ high reputation.

- Sport and hunting rifles.
- Power tools.
- Equipment for product dozing and packing into polymeric films.
- Medical equipment.
- Oil and gas equipment.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise “GPO “Votkinsky Plant”

427430, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Votkinsk, Kirova 2,
Phone/fax: 7 (34145) 6-52-51
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Victor G. Tolmachev

Votkinsky Plant, founded in 1759, is one of the oldest Russian enterprises. Initially the plant produced finished iron, soft anchors, tool steel. Since the middle of the XIX century the first Russian metal frame steamships, steam locomotives, railroad bridges, agricultural machinery were produced at Votkinsky Plant. In the 20’s - 30’s of the XX century the excavators, 45-ton railroad cranes, gold mine dredges were manufactured. During the Great Patriotic War the plant was  producing antitank artillery guns of 45 mm (2243-A), 57 mm (ZIS-2) and 76 mm (ZIS-3) calibers. After the war - narrow-gauge steam locomotives, locomobiles, dredges and excavators. In the end of the 50’s the plant was re-equipped to produce rockets which replaced the artillery guns.

In 1958 8A61 liquid-propellant tactical rocket production started, then came 8K11 and 8K14. In 60’s-80’s the “Pioneer” (SS-20), “Topol’” strategic solid-propellant rockets and “Oka”, “Tochka-U” tactical rockets were put into  production.

Today the enterprise produces “Topol’-M”, “Iskander-E”, “Medvedka” rockets and “Start” launch vehicle for commercial satellites launching.

The enterprise also designs and manufactures civilian products:

- Metal cutting equipment: milling machine-tools of console and universal types; CNC milling machines; bench lathes and boring machine-tools; all kinds of cutting and measuring tools, moulds, etc.

-  Equipment for vertical and horizontal drilling of oil and gas bore-holes: drill bits, including bicentric, with PCD cutters produced under DPI license for soft and average mucks. In September of 2001 a presentation of a AE520RU mobile            drilling rig produced in cooperation with the German company BENTEC took place.

- Equipment for oil- and gas-extraction industry: rotary pumps, wrenches, elevators, packers, swivels, wedge valves, ball cocks, etc.

- Consumer goods: washing-machines, spin dryers, power water heaters and small-size welding units.

- Reefer containers (20 and 40 feet) for food products and chemicals storing and transporting in constant temperature conditions (from -18C to +16C) at -40C to +35C environment air temperature. The containers are powered from 380V source or            built-in independent diesel or gas power source.

- Mobile reefer units for trucks with lifting capacity from 0.5 to 20.0 tons and cargo unit volume from 1.8 cubic m. to 94 cubic m. and for stationary storages.

FSUE “Votkinsky Plant” production is certified according to ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 9001 standards.

The enterprise has received American Oil Institute certificate which grants the right to use the official monogram in valve, elevator, swivel production according to API Spec 6D, API Spec 8A, API Spec 8C specifications.

The enterprise has the necessary licenses for producing of the oil and gas field equipment, nuclear power station and research reactor equipment and others.

 JSC “NITI “Progress”

426008, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Pushkinskaya 268,
Phone: 7 (3412) 439-535, fax: 7 (3412) 224-224
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Andrey V. Zorin

Research Technological Institute Progress was created in 1959. Since then during the period of more than 40 years the Institute has passed along the worthy way and has become one of the leading Branch Technological Institutes for defense  industry. The Institute was liable for the technical level of production at 19 plants of the branch, for trying out for adaptability to streamlined manufacture of new types of rocket armament and of small-arms being developed by seven design bureaus.

NITI Progress was considered to be the Head Institute in the defense industry on several technological activity directions:

- cold metalworking without heating, including such special processes of pressure shaping as explosive forming, rotary forging, electrohydroforming, expanding;

- all types of materials welding (argon-arc, plasma, resistance, electron beam, and laser welding);

 - development of automated flexible manufacturing systems for workpieces machining.

The Institute is a leading developer of multipurpose machines of milling-drilling-boring group and of numerical control systems for metalworking machines. As a rule the Institute specialists realize their own designs by making them ‘in  metal’. The Institute possesses both the engineering and the manufacturing-and-experimental facilities. During its manufacturing activity the Institute was continuously maintaining research-and-technical cooperation with more than 200 Research Institutes, Design Bureaus and plants all over the country.

During the past years the Institute took direct part in development as well as in bringing of pilot and batch production of 186 new armament complexes and of military technics to a commercial level. During preparation works and bringing of the products batch manufacturing to a commercial level the Institute has developed more than 21 thousand of progressive manufacturing processes for its branch with supplying of the required manufacturing equipment including 700 milling-drilling-boring machining centers and CNC machines and fitting the manufacture with it.

Using design documentation (108 thousand manufacturing processes) industrial objects with total area of approximately 1 mln sq.m have been designed and built. The Institute has designed and put into operation 126 flexible  manufacturing systems for workpieces machining.

Designs are protected by 1398 Inventor’s Certificates and 41 Patents and are awarded with 613 medals of Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.

Specialists of the Institute have published 43 books and near 3000 research articles in Russia’s and branch magazines. Thirteen employees from those working at the Institute are Lenin Prize winners and USSR State Prize winners, USSR Council  of Ministers Prize winners, 46 of them are conferred with honorable titles of “Honorary Engineering Worker of RF”, “Honored Designer of RF”, “Honored Scientist of UR”, “Honored Industry Worker of UR”.

In 1982 NITI Progress was awarded with Order of the Red Banner of Labor for its contribution to development of new types of rocket technics.

In the beginning of this year NITI Progress J.S.Co. has passes the State accreditation and was registered as the State Research Organization.

In nowadays economical conditions NITI Progress J.S.Co. enters the market with confidence, sets challenges to make its development works for Russia’s industrial enterprises needs wider and deeper and to increase the enterprise research-and-productive potential.

JSC “Izhevsk Moto Plant “Aksion-holding”

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, M. Gorkogo 90,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-30-74, 7 (095) 251-87-02, fax: 7 (3412) 25-86-89
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Gennady I. Kudriavtsev

JSC “Izhevsk Moto Plant “Aksion-holding” - is a modern holding enterprise, which combines scientific, technological and production capabilities in producing of different kinds of complex equipment:

- Special purpose products ordered by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and Russian Aviation and Space Agency (rocket and high-accuracy weapon control systems and equipment for various rocket classes and stationing, special      operational communication equipment and radio equipment, transmitting and receiving equipment, equipment for storing and processing of remote monitoring information, special purpose computers).

- Industrial equipment (automated radio equipment control systems, various microelectronic industrial equipment).

- Communication equipment (radio relay line equipment, cable and wireless communication equipment, satellite communication ground stations, low-power radio modems, programmable controllers, multiplexers, industrial procedures automated control  systems).

- Medical equipment (electrocardiographs, defibrillators, vacuum massagers, currents, galvanization and electrophoresis therapy equipment, tubal infertility diagnosis and treatment equipment, infants intensive care equipment and devices for  maternity hospitals and children’s hospitals, ambulance vehicles on UAZ and GAZ chassis, disposable medical products).

- Consumer goods (vacuum cleaners, power meat grinders, electric kettles, pressure cookers, microwave oven ware, hand tools).

- Parts for the automobile industry (electric headlights adjustment equipment, power windows).

The product high quality is assured by Quality assurance system, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. The enterprise was also issued an Environmental compliance certificate.

JSC “Izhevsky Moto Plant “Aksion-holding” was awarded numerous prestigious international awards for business achievements: “Golden Germes”, “Golden Standard”, “Business Partners Club” certificate, “Arch of Europe”.

JSC «Sarapul Power Generator Plant»

427961, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Electrozavodskaia 15,
Tel/fax: 7 (34147) 97-7-29
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Evgeny P. Storonkin

«Sarapul Power Generator Plant» is one of the main suppliers of aviation electric equipment for aircrafts. Initially intended for manufacturing of the aviation equipment, the plant has also mastered a wide range of industrial products and  customer goods: AC industrial frequency power generators for independent power sources, welding units, explosion-proof asynchronous electric motors, electric motors for household appliances and power tools, a range of power equipment for  cars, heat meters, independent welding diesel units, independent power sources with gas and diesel motors, single purpose power tools, multi-purpose power tools, traction engines, electric carts, electrode heating boilers, dough mixing machines and many others. The quality assurance system is certified to meet the international ISO 9002 and SRPP VT standard requirements.

JSC «Reduktor»

426008, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Kirova 172,
Phone: 7 (3412) 22-15-91, fax: 7 (3412) 22-19-46
E-mail:, website:
Director - Sergey M. Molchanov

    Izhevsk Reducer Plant was established in 1898. The plant is one of the leading manufacturers of general machine-building industry reducers and also of oil extraction equipment. Development of modern technologies, modern test benches and            laboratories, utilization of new solid materials, thermal treatment provide constant durable characteristics for wheel and shaft teeth. The reducers produced in Izhevsk are used in ship locks and hydroelectric power plant (Kuibishev and            Volgograd) locks, in space center equipment, launch pads in military industry, etc.

- Cylindrical horizontal single-stage speed reducers of 1CU-100, 1CU-160, 1CU-200, 1CU-250 types.
- Cylindrical horizontal two-stage speed reducers of 1C2U-100, 1C2U-125, 1C2U-160, 1C2U-200, 1C2U-250 types.
- Cylindrical horizontal two-stage speed reducers of RK-450 (RM-750), RK-500 (RM-850), RK-600 (RM-1000) types.
- Cylindrical horizontal three-stage speed reducers of 1C3U-160, 1C3U-200, 1C3U-250 types.
- Two and three stage speed reducer for polished rod pumping unit C2NSH-450 and C3NSH-450.
- Beam pumping units SKDR6-2.5 and SKDR8-3.

    JSC “Izhevsk Bearings Plant”

426008, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Udmurtskaya 304,
Phone: 7 (3412) 250-566, fax: 7 (3412) 250-564
General director - Vyacheslav A. Likhachov

    The State Bearing Plant (GPZ -13) was established in 1956. The first five thousand pieces of bearings were produced in April, 1957.

    In March, 1993 the 13-th GPZ was reorganized in joint-stock company of open type JSC “Izhevsky podshipnikovy zavod" (IPZ).

    The production of steel balls for the bearings has begun the same year.

    JSC “IPZ" is a highly developed enterprise equipped with modern semi­automatic and automatic facilities built in short production lines designed for manufacturing of single-row radial ball bearings.

    Bearings find their application in all types of cars and trucks, motorcycles, tractors and agricultural machines, machinery equipment, motor-controlled units, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric saws and other consumer products.

    The assortment includes the following types of bearings from 6201 (z, zz, 2RS) till 6306 (z, zz, 2RS):
- Open type bearings.
- Single-shield bearings.
- Double-shield bearings.
- Bearings with double-sided rubber-metal seal.

    New production building for manufacturing of needle roller bearings with plastic separators was put into operation in 1986.The plant produces over 30 types of needle bearings for such giants of automobile industry as VAZ, ZAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ,            IZHMASH.

    Needle bearings with plastic separators are used in gear boxes of automobiles, tractors and other auto- and motor- vehicles. The main advantages of needle bearings are high load-carrying capacity, compactness, low lubricant consumption,            minimum radial clearances, low friction index, high wear resistance, high reliability.

    JSC “IPZ” produces single-row and double-row bearings.

    The plant exhibits its production on exhibitions. The needle bearings with plastic separator are granted the 100 best goods produced in Russia award. The plant is included in the list of 1000 best enterprises of Russia in 2000 for high and            efficient business activity.

    Ball bearings are exported to Europe, Asia and Latin America.

    JSC “Izhevsk Electric and Mechanic Plant “Kupol”

426033, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Pesochnaia 3,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-05-92, fax: 7 (3412) 22-68-19
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Sergey S. Vasiliev

    JSC “Izhevsk Electric and Mechanic Plant “Kupol” holds a deserved position among Russian and foreign enterprises which produce complex electronic equipment. The main direction of the plant development is manufacturing of high-precision            special purpose equipment (anti-aircraft missile system “Osa”, “Tor-M1”). As a result of partial conversion from military to consumer products the enterprise is working in the new directions of development: production of the air conditioning            and heating equipment; heat, gas and water meters; high purity materials and isotopes with the use laser technologies; water purifiers; medical equipment and others.

- Analytical equipment, universal analytical stationary gaseous chromotograph.
- Conditioning equipment (domestic, central, channel, transport air-conditioners, thermal screens “Meteor”, thermal fans «Barkhan», heat exchangers).
- Heating equipment (liquid fuel air heaters, gas heat radiators, gas terrace heater «Tibet», liquid fuel infra-red heater, long wave radiant heater).
- Infusion solutions.
- Medical equipment (fluoromobile, computer monitoring system for cardiology intensive care department).
- Microelectronic equipment (laser projection system).
- Cargo lifting mechanisms (telescopic towers, personal hoists).
- Wood processing equipment (timber vacuum drying chamber, radial saw machine).
- Oil extraction equipment (submersible diaphragm pump units).
- High technologies in water purification.

    JSC «Sarapul Machine-building Plant»

427900, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Krasniy prospekt 3,
Phone: 7 (34147) 3-90-09, phone/fax: 7 (34147) 3-71-22
E- mail:
General Director - Nikolay G. Makarov

    JSC “Sarapul Machine-building Plant”, former F. Dzerzhinskiy machine-building plant, evacuated from the city of Baku in 1941 has gained a half a century experience in the designing, development and manufacturing of the rock destruction            drilling equipment and other kinds of equipment for oil and gas industry. Today the plant is the Russian leading enterprise in manufacturing of large size tricone drill bits. The enterprise was certified according to ISO 9001 standards in            1997 and was also granted a license to use API monogram.

- Tricone drill bits.
- Collapsible pipeline equipment set.
- Packers and control head.

    Federal State Property Complex “Kambarsky machine-building factory”

427950, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Kambarka, Sovetskaia 23,
Phone: 7 (34153) 2-31-21, 2-31-92, fax: 7 (34153) 2-12-42
State manager - Yuri A. Agafonov

    The history of Kambarsky Machine Building Plant goes back into the XVIII century. Russian well-known manufacturers Demidovs were its founders. Over a two-century history the enterprise has developed from manufacturing of cast iron,            horse-power carriages and railmotor cars to the unique diesel locomotives and track machines (including export modifications) for 750-1520 mm gauge range.

    The plant products remain competitive and in demand in the 3 millenium. New generation machines are characterized with excellent design, convenience, high technical characteristics and the level of electronics utilization. AMD-3 flaw            detection railcar received the best exhibit title and was awarded an Honorary Diploma. The plant was enlisted in the Ministry of Railways enterprise registry.

    Kambarskiy Machine-building Plant serial products:
- Flaw detection railcar AMD-1, AMD-2, AMD-3.
- Service railcar AM-1 (16 persons), AM-2 (45 persons), AM-3 (55 persons).
- Weed train 1 OPU+VK, S3-240-6, S32-160-4.
- Special purpose train
- Snow-removing diesel locomotive TGM-40C
- Diesel locomotive TGM-40, TU7A, TU8
- Passenger section car TU8P
- Diesel locomotive - section car TU8G

    Today the plant manufactures new generation machines: flow detection and service railcars and weed trains. These products are of long-term prospect, each has several modifications. AMD-1, AMD-2, AMD-3 flaw detection railcars are            equipped with automatic ultrasonic signal registration and processing system, which allows to expose 21 kinds of rail flaw of R50, R65, R75 rails arranged in standard gauge. The railroad track coordinate determination mistake does not exceed            0.3%, minimum flaw size - 30 mm. Service railcars for personnel transportation have the capacity of transporting 16 to 55 people. Railcar maximum speed - 80 km/hour.

    There are various applications of 10 PU+VK trains in mechanized snow collection and transportation, weed and bulk cargo transportation. The train consists of 10 half-cars and 2 end cars. Each half-car capacity is 31 cubic meter.            S3-240-6 model is characterized with high productivity. 6 half-cars train capacity equals to 240 cubic meters (lifting capacity - 380 tons). The train is used for railway track maintenance and repair.

    Special purpose train is used for loading of new and replaced turnout sections, transition sections and their transporting to the installation position or storage area. The train consists of 8 platform cars. Train maximum speed is            80 km/hour, minimum turn radius - 100 m, turnout and transition section minimum length - 12.5 m.

    The plant has a capacity to produce old models, including narrow gauge modifications, as well as new generation machines. We welcome everyone who is interested in acquiring plant products or is capable of supplying the necessary            spare parts and raw materials to establish cooperation.

    JSC “Sarapul Radio Works”

427960, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Gogolia 40,
Phone/fax: 7 (34147) 3-26-50
General Director - Alexander M. Polusmak

    “Sarapul Radio Works” - is the oldest Russian enterprise which was established in 1900 in St. Petersburg and intended for manufacturing of telegraph and telephone equipment. The plant celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2000. Main            product line - means of communication.

    In 1918 it was moved to Moscow to produce army communication means and civilian radio broadcasting equipment. When the Great Patriotic War broke out in 1941 the plant was evacuated to Sarapul where army product manufacturing was            launched in the shortest period of time.

    After the war was over the plant continued to produce military equipment and also started to manufacture industrial and consumer goods. Those were well-known radio receivers and radio-phonographs: “Moskvitch”, “Ural”; emergency-rescue radio            “Shlyup”, “Pilot”; miniature radio receivers “Kosmos”, “Orlenok”.

    Plant achievements and successes in manufacturing were many times graded with medals and diplomas on USSR VDNH exhibitions and international exhibitions as well. Car stereos were awarded with State Quality Sign. “Ural RM-293SA”,            “Ural RM-292SA-3” car stereos are the prize-winners of “100 best Russian products” contest.

    “Sarapul Radio Works” is a modern enterprise, equipped with all the necessary equipment for means of communication high quality design and manufacture. The quality assurance system which meets ISO 9000 standard requirements is            implemented at the enterprise. The plant has a license to design, manufacture and repair military equipment. The plant preparation for embedding of the environment control system and receiving of the environmental compliance certificate has            been completed. The enterprise uses modern technology and equipment for metal cutting, stamping, die casting; plastic products, press material product and rubber products casting and pressworking; circuit-board manufacturing; galvanic and            paint coating. The enterprise possesses “Export appearance passports” for exporting the products.

    The plant motto is “High quality with minimum costs”.

    The following equipment is being designed and produced today:
- Mobile radios “Arbalet” and “Aqueduk” for army and special force teams.
- Subscriber’s radio and telephone stations RS-6U.
- “Ural” car stereos, including models with a CD-player.
- Car stereo speakers.
- “Ural” bill and coin counting machines.
- Car antennas.
- Road traffic control electronic equipment.
- Car electronic units.
- Antenna and feeder devices for radio and telephone equipment.
- CNC machine tools electronic systems and other consumer and special equipment.

    JSC «Izhevsk Radio Plant»

426034, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Bazisnaia 19,
Phone: 7 (3412) 430-550, fax: 7 (3412) 75-65-55
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Igor N. Valiakhmetov

    JSC “Izhevsk Radio Plant” is the Russian Aviation and Space Agency base enterprise in manufacturing of space craft on-board radio monitoring and control systems. Launch vehicles “Vostok”, “Voskhod”, “Soyuz”, “Progress”, “Energiya”, “Proton”,            “Angara”, boost units “Fregat”, space crafts “Horizont”, “Gals”, “Express”, “Yamal”, “Buran”, space stations “Soyuz”, “Mir”, “Alfa” - these are just some of the space apparatuses which are equipped with our products. We have participated in            the international projects such as: “Sea launch” (USA, Ukraine, Norway), equipment for “Sesat” space crafts (France, Italy), “Unity” (Australia, USA).

    Today the enterprise has mastered the manufacturing of wide range of products for satellite, radio relay, multiple channel and wireless communication, power generation enterprises industrial procedures monitoring and control equipment,            railroad automatic safety systems, consumer electronics.

    Enterprise processing equipment is constantly updated, a range of services broadens.

    Enterprise main products:
- On-board remote monitoring and radio equipment.
- Low-orbit “Gonets” satellite communication system subscriber terminals and on-board equipment.
- Satellite communication corporate networks “Stela” VSAT-station family.
- Microwave modules, satellite transceiver waveguide paths, porcelain microassembly, low-noise amplifiers, water-proof transitions, etc.
- GPS/GLONASS Satellite radio navigation system user equipment on the base of small-size navigation receiver BNP-12/10MS.
- “Radiy” portable two-way radio family (148…174 MHz, 450…470 MHz) and battery charging units.
- “RS-46MC” stationary two-way radio (151.7…156.0 MHz, 2130…2150 kHz).
- “Klub-U”, “Klub-P”, “Klub-UP” railroad safety and automatics systems.
- Railroad safety equipment: ABTC-M automatic blocking equipment, PP-1 train receiver, BKPT-U contactless train transceiver.
- “Radan-MG”, “Radan-MS” digital radio relay data transmission systems, “IKM-15/30”, BUS-30 digital cable systems, AM-12 subscriber multiplexer.
- Oil extraction monitoring and control systems.
- TM PEN submersible electric pumps remote monitoring equipment.
- ShNK 6501 submersible electric pumps control stations and equipment operation parameter registers.
- Frequency converters and processing procedures control stations on the base of frequency converters.
- “Planar” personal computers on the base of Intel processors.
- “Lira” UHF receivers of various modifications.
- Tooling: molds, stamps, measuring and cutting tools (disassembly, manufacturing and shipment).
- Plastic products casting.
- Metal cabinets and cross equipment production.
- Wood-processing. Manufacturing of furniture.
- Circuit boards, polyamide loops (designing, manufacturing and shipment).

    Quality assurance system is certified in accordance with Russian and International certification system and complies with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

    JSC «Izhevsk Oil Industry Equipment Machine-building Plant»

426063, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Ordzhonikidze 2,
Phone: 7 (3412) 75-91-39, fax: 7 (3412) 76-65-78
General Director - Takhir M. Dautov

    JSC «Izhevsk Oil Industry Equipment Machine-building Plant» is one of the Russian largest enterprises in the field of oil industry equipment machine-building.

- Sucker-rod pump drive (PNSHT 60-3-90, PNSHT 60-3-50, PNSHT 80-3-90, PNSHT 80-3 63).
- Single arm sucker-rod pump drives (OPNSH 30-1,5, OPNSH 80-3-90, OPNSH 80-3-50).
- Cementing and extruding pump units (ANC-320 on KrAZ, Ural, KamAZ chassis, ANC-500 on KrAZ chassis, ANC-320 on KrAZ, Ural, KamAZ chassis).
- Mixing units (US60-30N).
- Boring pumps, cement pumps.
- Well sucker-rod pumps.
- Automatic stationary break out tong, automatic break out tong, automatic stationary break out tong with hydraulic drive.

    JV “Isot”

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Krasnoarmeiskaia 182,
Phone: 7 (3412) 48-33-68, 48-30-35, 78-29-12

    Russian-American Joint Venture “Isot” produces drilling fluid refinement systems, hydraulic down hole motors with geometry modification. JV “Isot” also renders repair services, technical support in horizontal well and side horizontal well            drilling. The founders of the enterprise are JSC “Udmurtneft” and W BRIS International company a part of which are such well-known American companies as Swaco, Bico, Radius.

    The drilling fluid refinement system produced by JV “Isot” includes: adjustable line vibrosieve ALS-II, sand separator, silt separator, Magnum-Misson rotary pumps, centrifuge supply pump with adjustable supply, tanks (V=30 m3) with            frame, covering and binding. JV “Isot” drilling fluid refinement system designing and embedding has allowed to improve the drilling characteristics significantly. Thus, 518 model is one of the best centrifuges in the world: it has a            production capacity of 946 liters/minute and removes the smallest solid particles 3-5 micron in size.

- Drill bits of different types reinforced with synthetic diamonds (PDC) for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling.

    JV JSC «Udmurt Drill Bits»

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Krasnoarmeiskaia 182,
Phone: 7 (3412) 48-32-98, fax: 7 (3412) 78-07-97

    “Udmurt Drill Bits” Joint Venture (“UDOL”) was chartered by the American DPI company, JSC “Udmurtneft” and State Unitary Enterprise “GPO “Votkinsky Plant”. JV “UDOL” produces more than 50 types of drill bits grouped into 4 series: SR            bicentric series for drilling with immediate well stern expansion; RS hard alloy cutter series for socket drilling-out and tools installation along the boring casing of 59-146 mm in diameter; blade type series (PDC) 119-295 mm in size, core            retrieving barrel type series (PDC), which provide core recovery of 85-100%.

- Different types of drill bits reinforced with synthetic diamonds (PDC) for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling.

    JV “Izhdrill”

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Krasnoarmeiskaia 182,
Phone: 7 (3412) 313-324, fax: 7 (3412) 784-048, teletype: 255164 NEFT

    JV “Izhdrill” was chartered by JSC “Udmurtneft”, GPO “Votkinsky Plant” and Dreco - the Canadian company. Main area of activity - manufacturing and repairing of the mobile drilling rigs, pumps and other oil extraction equipment and also            rendering of marketing, maintenance and trade services.

- Trailer drilling rigs on the Dreco hoist base. The mobile drilling rig consists of: “parallelogram” type work site, receiving bridge and racks, tower with block-and-tackle system elements, drive hydraulic and compressed air system.

    JSC “Elecond”

427968, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Kalinina 3,
Phone/fax: 7 (34147) 4-27-53, 4-32-48
E-mail:, website:
General Manager - Vladimir S. Konishev

    Open Joint Stock Company "Elecond" is one of the main producers and suppliers of aluminum, niobium and tantalum capacitors at the Russian market.

    The plant was founded in January, 1968 and in May, 1969 the first lot of K50-3 capacitor type was produced. The products got best recommendations and high quality acknowledgement. JSC “Elecond” is connected with 2,000 enterprises of Russia            and CIS. The plant products are used in audio-, video equipment, electric and railway vehicles energy saving systems. Aerospace and military equipment can not be produced without the capacitors. Therefore the main company consumers are the            enterprises of radio electronics, instrument engineering, aircraft industry and communications.

    In 1993 the plant was reorganized into an Open Joint Stock Company.

    The company has the Quality assurance system certificate for capacitors design and production that meet the requirements of IEC IFCEE and Russian R series GOST of ISO 9001.

    The production of our company, used in special engineering, was certified by RF Ministry of Defense.

    The company has at its disposal modern production base, developments and designs and qualified personnel. It also has its own aluminum capacitor foil etching and forming technology, used by other Russian capacitor manufactures.

    In 2001 the capacitors became prize-winners in the program "100 best goods of Russia". The capacitor K53-60 was awarded with a golden badge and capacitor K50-77 with a silver badge. The company also develops SMT capacitors of            chip-constructions - K53-42 and K53-62 types. Besides the main production - capacitors, our enterprise is developing and producing the consumer and technical goods. The automobile light production is certified according to EEC UNO.

    OJSC "Elecond" produces and sells:
- Capacitors:
    - Al electrolytic capacitor of K50-15, K5017, K50-27, K50-37, K50-68, K50-74, K50-77 types.
    - Nb solid-electrolyte capacitor of K53-4, K53-52, K53-60, K53-62 (chip-constructions) types.
    - Òà electrolytic capacitor of K52-1, K52-1M, Ê52-1Á, Ê52-1ÁÌ, K52-17 types.
    - Òà solid-electrolyte capacitor ofK53-lA, K53-7, K53-42 (chip-constructions) types.
- Consumer and technical goods: turn indicator light, CR-boots, aerosol cylinder bodies.
- Household and haberdashery goods: various polyethylene corks and lids (for bottles and pots), plastic clothes-peg, steel drawing-pins, pip-ejector "Vishenka", garden sprayer, hose connector.
- Toys - plastic cars.
- Pharmaceutics goods: aluminum cowls, polyethylene medical corks.

    When you choose JSC "Elecond" products you choose a reliable partner and high quality!


    In 2001-2002 the share of ferrous metallurgy in total industrial output of the Udmurt Republic comprised nearly 5%. The product output has increased as a result of processing procedures intensification. The production volume in            2001 exceeded the one of 2000 by 5.1% - for steel, by 4.5% - for rolled ferrous metals, by 9.6% for – rolled stainless steel.

    JSC «Izhstal»

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Novoazhimova 6,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-70-66, fax: 7 (3412) 78-72-83
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Valeriy V. Moiseev

    JSC “Izhstal” - one of the oldest metallurgical plants in Russia, was founded in 1760. Due to its rich history the plant established partner relations with more than 1500 consumers of metal products from Russia and with more than 20            countries.

    The plant has been reconstructed several times, was introduced new equipment and modern technological processes, and thus became one of the main producers of high-quality steel which is supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

    JSC “Izhstal” makes products for national economy and special purposes, including defense industry (“Izhstal” was the only plant of ferrous metallurgy that was a part of Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR). The plant has equipment and            technologies which allow to produce more than 600 steel grades, including ESR, VAR, and plasma remelting steels, corrosion resistant steels and alloys, including steels with low and special-low (less than 0,03%) carbon content, high-speed,            tool, ball-bearing and a wide range of constructional carbon and alloy steel.

    High quality of metal is ensured not only by remelting processes, but out-of-furnace metal treatment methods as well.

    The basic products are steelmelting shops, rolling mills, and consumer goods.
- A range of JSC “Izhstal” products includes:
- Bars with Æ 10-120 mm.
- Calibrated steel with Æ 3 - 60 mm.
- Wire 0,5 - 14 mm.
- Wire with special surface finish (“silver-wire”) 0,5 - 14 mm.
- Band 0,1-3 x 10-90 mm.
- High-precision steel shaped sections.
- Forgings (up to 300 kg).
- Tools, metalware, electrodes.

    In 2001 JSC “Izhstal” produced more than 530,000 tons of steel, more than 408,000 tons of bars, about 17,500 tons of steel shaped sections, about 9,100 tons of wire, and other products worth more than 3,27 billion rubles.

    JSC “Izhstal” invites everybody who is interested in its products to cooperation.

    JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant"

427620, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Glazov, Belova 7,
Phone: 7 (34141) 360-70, fax: 7 (34141) 345-07
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Vladimir V. Rozhdestvenskiy.

    Chepetsky Mechanical Plant - is an open joint stock company, which is a member of JSC "TVEL"(Ministry of Atomic Energy of RF).

    The plant was founded on December 19, 1946, on the base of the former cartridge plant. The new enterprise was formed to manufacture uranium metal for the defense industry of that time.

    Unique technologies of manufacturing of binary and multicomponent zirconium alloys and its products, used not only for atomic power application but also in chemical, gas-oil, food and other industries have been developing over more than 40            years of this operation. Chepetsky Mechanical Plant - is the only Russian and one of the world biggest producer of zirconium alloys products.

    Activities of JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" are based on a number of specialized workshops equipped with modem chemical, electrochemical, metallurgical equipment, control and resting devices. All of them provide high            specifications of products, meeting the international quality requirements.

    JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" manufactures the following products:
- Zirconium metal, alloys and products on its base, zirconium compounds for atomic, chemical, gas and oil industries.
- Calcium metal and alloys on its base.
- Cored wire with different fillers for steel alloying and injection machines.
- Rare-earth products : polishing powder "Ftoropol", oxides and carbonates of rare-earth metals.
- Niobium metal and niobium powder;
- Products from natural and depleted uranium.

    Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, JSC is famous all over the world for quality products.

    High quality of products is provided by Quality Assurance System, developed and functioning at the plant to fit international standards ISO 9000 series and TQM principles.

    Quality Assurance System provides control of organizational, commercial and technical activities at the plant. Quality Assurance System guarantees the observance of customers' requirements for product quality, specified terms and amounts            of delivery.

    Success of Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, JSC is confirmed by international and national awards for quality, quality system certificate of conformance, certificates of State Committee of Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology            (GOSSTANDART).

    In April 1995 in Paris Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, JSC was elected to receive IX International Europe Award for Quality-1995 for product prestige and competitiveness on the European market.

    In April 1997 Quality System of zirconium production was certified for compliance with ISO 9002 EN ISO 9002 requirements by TUV CERT Certification Body of TUV Thuringen e.V. (Germany). In 2000 ChMP, JSC Quality System of zirconium production            was certified for the next period.

    In 1998 more than 130 Russian companies took part in the contest for Russian Federation Government Quality Award. Under the totals of this contest Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, JSC was granted the Quality Award, (Russian Federation Government            Bylaw No. 1310 dated November 9, 1998).

    In 2000 and 2001 under the totals of Russian contest "100 best Russian products" ChMP, JSC was voted Prize Winner for product quality.

    JSC “Bummash”

426050, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Votkinskoe shosse 170,
Phone: 7 (3412) 45-25-00, fax: 7 (3412) 21-89-68, telex: 255165 RISK RU
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Valentin V. Zhebrovsky.

    Open Joint Stock Company BUMMASH was founded on the basis of the plant "Izhtyazhbummash", which was built in 1959 as the enterprise intended for producing of the paper- and press-board-making machines and other equipment for            pulp-and-paper industry. In 1993 the enterprise was reorganized into a Joint Stock Company.

    JSC BUMMASH consists of Metallurgical and Machine-building Plants; each of them has various production departments.

    Unique and specialized equipment of Machine-building Plant having machine-building, boiler, and tool production departments enable to manufacture products for different branches of industry, such as paper-making, wood-working, gas-and-oil            producing and others, as well as to develop and master new product types. The Plant is licensed to design and produce equipment being under Gostechnadzor authority. One of the most promising activities of Machine-building Plant is the            production of linoleum on heat insulating and soundproof base. In 2001 JSC “Bummash” got the RF Gosstandart Diploma "100 best Russian Goods" as the Best Linoleum Producer in Russia.

    In the Metallurgical Plant structure there are steel-making, forging, machine-assembly, mold and centrifugal casting production departments. Being intended for manufacture of ingots, the steel production complex equipped with VD/VOD stand            allows to get metal with improved chemical composition and low content of non-metallic inclusions, carbon, and gases.

    The complex reconstruction of the Metallurgical Plant held together with the well-known Austrian company 'VOEST-ALPINE INDUSTRIAL SERVICES" allowed to master the advanced technologies in manufacturing steel grades and products of            high quality on the world level and to find new markets. The change from the downhill pouring of steel to the most progressive and modern bottom pouring technology according to Austrian know-how was one of the key moments of the modernization            made.

    JSC “Bummash” has embedded the quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001.

    Basic Range of JSC “Bummash” Products:

    Machine-building Plant
- Equipment for producing the different types of paper and board.
- Equipment for timber industry (lumber drying machines).
- Machinery for gas-and-oil producing industry (pipe layers, sludge pumps, lifting devices for oil wells’ repair).
- Boiler equipment (transportable module boilers, hot-water boilers using different types of fuel).
- Road machinery (worm-rotary snow-removing- and asphalt ploughs machines, bush breakers, poured asphalt transporting sets, mounted mills).
- Patterned linoleum on heat insulating and soundproof base intended for covering floor in public, working and dwelling places.
- Equipment for mining industry

    Metallurgical Plant
- Machined and raw ingots made of carbon, alloyed, tool and stainless steels having weight up to 20 tn.
- Forgings of different shape made of carbon, alloyed and tool steels having weight up to 12.5 tn.
- Cast iron and steel mold casting (casings, pump parts for mineral resource industry).
- Bronze, cast iron and steel centrifugal casting.
- Reaction heat resistant pipes for chemical industry.
- Furnace rolls for metallurgical industrial centers.
- Different rolls for paper- and board-making machinery.
- Rubberized rolls.


    Crude oil is one of the most valuable natural resources of Udmurtia. In the Udmurt Republic there are 98 oil fields. Total oil-in-place is 366.8 mln. tons. As of January 1, 2000, accumulated production reached 244.4 mln. tons. 98            % of oil is sold outside of Udmurtia. There are 13 oil companies, and 2 of them - JSC “Udmurtneft” and JSC “Belkamneft” – produced almost 90 % of oil in the republic. In 2001 the share of the branch in the total industrial output increased up            to 25%. In 2001 the republic produced 7.864 mln. tons of oil. 5.16 mln. tons of oil was extracted over 8 months of 2002.

    JSC “Udmurtneft” is the largest oil company in Udmurtia that produces almost 70 % of republican oil. The company was set up in 1973. For 25 years the company produced 200 mln. tons of oil.

    JSC “Udmurtneft” is considered to be a test site for the introduction of new highly efficient thermal and thermal polymer methods for the production of oil of high or  increased viscosity, for the development of oil fields with            horizontal or branched wells. The company implements progressive methods of treating the drilling area to increase oil extraction coefficient up to 45 % instead of 25-27% under traditional technology. Due to the new technologies the company            produced 8 mln. tons extra. Know-hows of Udmurt oil-producers have been appraised in Udmurtia and Russia. The experts of “Udmrtneft” were awarded with the State prize of Russia, prizes of the Government of Russia and Udmurtia.

    For its technical re-equipment “Udmurtneft” induced foreign capital and advanced technologies. There are 4 joint ventures with the leading manufacturers of oil equipment from the USA and Canada. Every year the joint ventures            increase the production of oil equipment and conquer new markets for their products.

    JSC «Udmurtneft»

426000, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Krasnoarmeiskaia 182,
Phone: 7 (3412) 43-48-00, fax: 7 (3412) 78-84-45, 78-40-48
General Director - Evgeniy M. Bogomolniy

    JSC “Udmurtneft-Burenie”

426039, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, pos. Smirnovo
Phone: 7 (3412) 483-340, fax: 7 (3412) 483-557
E-mail:,, website:
General Director - Ravil T. Shaihutdinov

    “Udmurtneft-Burenie” - is a recognized leader on the Russian drilling and well capital repair market. Without any subcontractors, the company is capable of performing a whole set of oil and gas bore hole drilling - from oil and gas field            construction to installation of the stalk. The company main specialization is horizontal well and side horizontal stern drilling which are utilized in the most part of the oilfields over the world.

    Main areas of activity:
- Horizontal well and side horizontal stern construction. The length of the horizontal section reaches up to 800 meters.
- Multidirectional well construction.
- Different methods of horizontal and side sterns fastening which preserve the layer reservoir features.
- Well capital repair.
- Horizontal well and side stern construction engineer and technical support.

    State Unitary Enterprise «Udmurttorf»

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, V. Sivkova 186,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-78-27, fax: 7 (3412) 78-08-88
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Anatoly V. Marchenko

    Today “Udmurttorf” is one of the oldest, leading enterprises in the country’s fuel and energy complex.

    State Unitary Enterprise “Udmurttorf” was found in 1940 on behalf of the order of USSR Military Committee. From the very first years of it’s existence the enterprise provided military plants of Izhevsk and Votkinsk cities with fuel peat, also            till 1976 peat was sent to Izhevsk’s Heating Station-1.

    Further on the enterprise started sending peat for agricultural needs of the Udmurt Republic.

    These days again there is a tendency in the republic to use peat as an alternative type of fuel. Building of peat steam-shops is planned also peat fuel briquettes production is being organized.

    In the Udmurt Republic there are over 600 peat deposits with the combined reserves of about 200 million tons. Sparing an efficient exploitation of that wealth, peat processing and peat based goods production - such is the main and traditional            specialization of SUE “Udmurttof”.

    ”Udmurttorf” is also involved in oil fields development, production of motor vehicles, motorcycles parts, oil equipment units is being increased each year, procuring of raw timber material.

    “Udmurttorf” is comprised of 10 peat enterprises and an oil-and-gas production division. Work in all sectors is mechanized, based upon advanced technologies. “Udmurttorf” output is known for it’s competitive quality. Among its customers there            are oil refineries, power plants and stations, settlements steam shops, agricultural enterprises and medical centers.

    Ready-to-use peat soils, peat fertilizers, peat top dressings “from Udmurttof” are well-known among gardeners and horticulturists of Russia. They contain nutritious elements complex needed for the full-blooded growth of plants and green            crops. Remarkable for its available prices, convenience, high use efficiency peat based goods have been growing increasingly popular with the population.

    Not a single time “Udmurttorf” was marked with federal and regional exhibition diplomas for high quality and large variety of goods.

    Since 1982 SUE “Udmurttof” is headed by Anatoly Vladimirovich Marchenko. During the years the enterprise has become prominent, versatile company of today. Decent living and working conditions have been made here. To take care of people - that            is the credo of A.V. Marchenko, the general director, the Udmurt Republic State Council deputy.

    Even during most hard times the enterprise managed to keep it’s working settlements and provided people with work.

    Constant building and maintenance of new objects are a bright proof of the enterprise’s development: production buildings, living houses are being maintained, roads are being constructed.

    High rewards of the enterprise and it’s general director are to mark the success. The business activity of SUE “Udmurttorf” was honored by “Crystal Nika” prize and “Golden medal for irreproachable business reputation”, Anatoly Marchenko was            called “Director of the year”.

    “Nature’s wealth at people service” - these are the words to be followed for “Udmurttorf”, to use precious gifts of our nature rationally, with knowledge.

    JSC «Udmurgeologia»

426003, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, K. Marxa 130,
Phone: 7 (3412) 52-80-60, 52-80-20, phone/fax: 7 (3412) 52-68-52
Å-mail:, website:
General Director - Nikolay A. Shilov

    Joint Stock Company “Udmurtgeologia” was established in 1945. The company is specialized in deep drilling for oil and gas on the territory of the Udmurt Republic. Since 1979 the company has been performing such operations in the North of the            Tyumen Region of Russia. Exploration activities of JSC “Udmurtgeologia” in Siberia allowed to develop production of oil in this region as well as to provide a number of petroleum companies with substantial resources of oil.

    JSC “Udmurtgeologia” has great experience in drilling deep wells and core holes within the Volga-Urals Region, and deep wells for oil and gas within the Western Siberia. The company achieved the following results: over 3 million linear meters            of prospecting hole-making and over 200 thousand linear meters of exploratory hole-making. JSC “Udmurtgeologia” discovered over 100 fields of oil, gas and gas-condensate. The total recoverable hydrocarbon deposits discovered and prospected by            our company exceed 1.2 billion metric tons.

    JSC “Udmurtgeologia” possesses high-qualified personnel: drillers, geologists, engineers, etc (total number of employees is over 2000) capable to conduct long-term operations under complicated geological conditions. Also, we have experience            of autonomous working of drilling crews. Our company is able to make holes as deep as 5000 meters and achieve annual exploratory hole-making equal to 100 thousand linear meters. We conduct drilling operations by the rigs as follows: BU-2500            DGU, BU-1600 DGU, BU-75, BU-2900/175 DER, ARB-100, BU-ZD-76.

    In 1990 JSC “Udmurtgeologia” commenced a new kind of operations - recovery of oil. To date the company produced over 1.6 million metric tons of oil.

    JSC “Udmurtgeologia” is a multi-purposed enterprise covering the entire complex of works from elaboration of exploration projects to development of fields (including feasibility studies, well-designs, completion/infrastructure designs,            environmental supervision).

    Subdivisions of JSC “Udmurtgeologia” are:
- Votkinsk Oil-and-Gas Prospecting Expedition.
- Oil-and-Gas Producing Department “Izhgeodobycha”.
- Central Workshop (for maintenance of drilling equipment).
- Logistic Center (for provision of subdivisions).
- Izhevsk Geophysical Expedition.
- Complex Thematic Expedition.

    JSC “Udmurtgeologia” is founder of several subsidiary companies.

    Among JSC “Udmurtgeologia” customers are the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Udmurt Republic, JSC “Purneftegaz”, JSC “Belkamneft”, State Unitary            Company “Udmurttorf”, JSC “Udmurt National Oil Company”, Russian-American Joint Venture “Geoilbent” LTD.

    Results achieved by JSC “Udmurtgeologia” are awarded with Honorary Diplomas of the Udmurt Republic Government “To the best exporter” (1999 and 2000), Diploma of the Russian Federation Government “For achievements in social sphere” (2001). The            company was enlisted in the Udmurt Republic Board of Honor (2001).


    The share of wood-working industry in total industrial output of the republic comprises approximately 3%. The largest enterprises are JSC “Izhmebel”, JSC “Glazovskaia furniture factory”, JSC “Mozhginsky logging and saw mill”, JSC “Uvadrev”.            In 2001 these enterprises developed new products, enhanced and modernized their production facilities. JSC “Krasnaia zvezda” mastered new products such as parquet boards, JSC “Mozhginsky logging and saw mill” – entrance furniture, beds for            children, JSC “Balezinsky saw mill” – section furniture. JSC “Uvadrev” manufactures euro-palettes and curved plywood “Lataflex”, increases the production of large-size plywood.

    The factory in the village of Fakel restored the production of window and door frames. JSC “Balezinsky sawmill” has mastered the production of parquet which is shipped to the USA.

    JSC “Izhmebel” offers a wide range of furniture for households and offices, mirrors, products made of glass and elastic polyurethane foam, produced with the newest technologies and imported equipment. In 1998 the company entered            the register of 32 best furniture enterprises of Russia and was awarded with the special prize "The leader of furniture industry - 98" within the international program “Partnership for progress”. In 1999 for the stable production             and sales dynamics JSC “Izhmebel” was awarded with the prize “Crystal Nika” and became a laureate of All-Russian contest “100 best products of Russia”.

    Currently JSC “Izhmebel” manufactures over 100 types of upholstered and section furniture, furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and offices. The production is based upon the modern technologies which allow to constantly renew the product range            and produce furniture by individual orders.

    JSC “Izhmebel”

426000, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, 10 let Oktiabria 49,
Phone/fax: 7 (3412) 22-13-09
General Director - Pyotr M. Kishkan

    JSC MD NP “Red Star”

427792, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Mozhga, Gorbunova 32,
Phone: 7 (34139) 4-00-58, 4-00-33, fax: 7 (34139) 4-00-58, 4-00-41
E-mail:, website:
General Director - Rashit N. Abashev

- Furniture boards made of solid wood slats
- Furniture spring plywood slats
- Slat base for adult and children beds
- Educational toys and construction sets made of solid wood.
- Wide range of cribs.
- Rulers for home and office use.
- Ruler, triangles, protractor and compasses for classroom and lecture hall blackboards.

    JSC “Uvadrev”

427250, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
pos. Uva, Zavodskaia 1,
Tel: 7 (34130) 5-16-56, 5-24-29, fax: 7 (34130) 5-15-69, 5-15-60
E-mail:, website:

- Wood chipboard
- Laminated wood chipboard
- Decorative wood chipboard wall panels
- Profiled lumber products, eaves, window aprons, plinths, parquet
- Bent and glued birch hulled veneer sheet products
- Wooden doors and windows, window-sills
- Birch plywood

    JSC “Harvey-Yar, Inc”

427500, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
pos. Yar, Sovetskaia 57,
Phone: 7 (34157) 4-16-44, fax: 7 (34157) 4-10-44

    JSC “Harvey-Yar, Inc” is engaged in wood-working. The company offers quality timber which complies with the European standard requirements.

    JSC “Mozhga Wood Plant”

Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Mozhga, Baiborodova 52,
Phone: 7 (34139) 3-82-46, fax: 7 (34139) 3-81-89

- kitchen furniture;
- hall wardrobes;
- desks;
- dining tables;
- compartment wardrobes;
- school desks.


    JSC “Svet”

427792, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Mozhga, Sverdlovskiy Boulevard 39,
Phone: 7 (34139) 3-30-60, fax: 7 (34139) 3-30-62
General Director – Vladimir A. Mokhnachev

    JSC “Svet” is a modern highly mechanized enterprise engaged in the manufacturing of glass and plastic products. A complete processing cycle is performed at the enterprise. JSC “Svet” is the only enterprise in the Russian            Federation which manufactures products of colorless, green, brown and half-white glass. The enterprise is one of the leaders in the production volume of the glass packaging in Russia. It has well-developed sales markets and good financial            standing. JSC “Svet” also produces molded and blown plastic products.

    JSC «Fakel»

427168, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Igrinski Rayon, pos. Fakel, Kirova 1,
Phone: 7 (34134) 6-11-73, fax: 7 (34134) 6-12-86
General Director – Nikolay N. Azhimov

- Glass bottles 0.25, 0.375, 0.5 liters in capacity.
- Exclusive glass bottles.


    Association «Udmurtsky Lyon»

426057, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, V. Sivkova 120,
Phone: 7 (3412) 78-46-27, fax: 7 (3412) 78-46-27

- Scutched flax GOST 10330-76.
- Short flax fiber GOST 9394-76.
- Household flax rope GOST 1868-88.
- Flax string GOST 17308-88.
- Needle-punched gasket flax batting GOST 17293-72.

    JSC “Sakton”

426063, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Klyuchevoi pos. 7,
Phone: 7 (3412) 75-13-46, fax: 7 (3412) 75-14-44
General Director – Zoia I. Stepnova      

    The JSC “Sakton” area of activity is the production of knitted products: jumpers, suits, skirts, jackets, hosiery goods.

    Izhevsk Sewing Factory “Zangary”

426006, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, 14th str. 56a,
Phone: 7 (3412) 71-23-69, fax: 7 (3412) 71-78-00
President – Sergey A. Mikheiev

    Izhevsk Sewing Factory “Zangary” is engaged in manufacturing of coats, winter coats, rain coats, windbreakers. The enterprise takes orders to produce special purpose clothes (uniform).

    JSC «Holster»

426063, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, Vorovskogo 158,
Phone/fax: 7 (3412) 75-59-41, 75-12-02
Phone: 7 (3412) 75-29-24

 “Holster” enterprise was founded in 1992. The company was intended to produce leather holsters for special forces.

 Over 800 leather and leatherette products, synthetic and cotton materials, half-woolen yarn are produced today.

 There is a wide range of holsters (about 250 kinds) made of leather and synthetic materials for all kinds of domestically produced guns and several kinds of foreign guns. The holsters are of waist, shoulder and concealed type.

 Cases, covers, sheaths for all kinds of hunting guns are offered. The product range includes items from simple tarpaulin cases to expensive decorated leather cases.

 The choice of pouches, cartridge belts for bullets of different caliber is very diverse.

 Hunter’s equipment: sheaths, decoys, rifle belts, game-bags and many others.

 Winter and summer knit products. Cotton T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, striped vests. Pullovers, jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, masks, sport hats, half-woolen hunter’s hats.

 Winter, summer, universal suits made of different camouflaged fabric (green camouflage, maple, reed, oak, dark woods and others).

Hunter, fisherman, driver, special force team vests of different kinds.

A wide range of backpacks, sleeping bags, haberdashery.

The product range is updated every month. The new products are always tested in the field conditions.

The enterprise is a member of “Russian Armourer Union” and supplies its products to the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Emercom, Ministry of Justice, FSP, Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information, arms  stores in Russia and abroad (USA, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria and others).

The enterprise has several times participated in different exhibitions: “IVA” (Germany), “Interpolytech”, “Rescue and defense means”, “Fishing and hunting in Russia”, “Fisherman and hunter paradise” (Moscow), “Sport” (St. Petersburg). The enterprise products had great success in all the exhibitions. The product possesses many advantages such as high quality technology, materials, leather stamping and fur decoration.

 All products are certified. Several products and parts are protected by patents. Over 200 products manufactured by the enterprise are declared amateur and folk craft products by the Arts and Crafts Expert Council at the Government of the Udmurt Republic.

 The enterprise manufactures several products which are exclusive in Russia: rescue suit “Extreme”, transformer-bag and others.


JSC “Izhmoloko”

426038, Russia, the Udmurt Republic
Izhevsk, Votkinskoe shosse 178,
Phone: 7 (3412) 20-49-53, fax: 7 (3412) 20-39-22
E-mail:, website:

    Historical overview:

1927 - First milk processing plant was established in Izhevsk to supply the city with diary products. The manufacturing was accomplished in a primitive way, all the equipment was hand operated. The plant had a processing capacity of 15 tons            of milk a day.

1939-1960 - several reconstruction works had taken place. It allowed to increase the production site areas, install the new equipment and expand a range of produced diary products.

1961 - a new milk plant was put into operation. It had a production capacity of 60 tons of milk per 1 work shift.

1972 - a new plant was built. It was equipped with modern equipment and had a production capacity of 200 tons of milk per 1 work shift.

1984-1988 - a regular reconstruction was carried out. More than 50% of the processing equipment in the workshops was replaced, storage facilities were constructed, production site areas were expanded. The plant became one of the leading            enterprises in the corresponding branch in the USSR according to the technical and economic indicators.

1988 - enterprise labor output reached the level of the American diary industry labor output average.

 1991 - enterprise labor output exceeded the level of the US diary industry labor output average - resulting 105-110 thousand rubles per person a year.

 1992 - enterprise was privatized.

 1992-2000 - modern product range was mastered, including manufacturing of the export product - casein and introducing it to the world market.

 2002 - Quality assurance system certification on compliance with ISO 9000 international standards requirements.

  Product range description

 JSC “Izhmoloko” product range is one of the most diverse among the Russian producers.

 The product range includes more than 40 kinds of diary products, including:    
- Pasteurized milk with various fat content.    
- Kefir.    
- Bio-kefir, bifelin.    
- Curdled milk.    
- Acidolact.    
- Yogurt.    
- Sour milk products.    
- Buttermilk.    
- Refreshing drink.    
- Sour cream.    
- Butter.    
- Sweet curd.    
- Whipped cream.    
- Pudding.    
- Curd.    
- Packed sweet curd, fruit curd, curd cream and other curd products.

JSC “Izhmoloko” also produces about 100 kinds of ice cream and its subsidiary company JSC “Immar” manufactures over 30 kinds of confectionery goods: toffee, jellies, marshmallow, soufflé, candies, cakes.

JSC “Izhmoloko” is one of the Russian casein producers well-known the world over.

JSC «Kezskiy Sirzavod» (“Kez cheese factory”)

427560, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
pos. Kez, Mechanizatorov 2,
Phone: 7 (34158) 2-12-81, 2-25-47
Fax: 7 (34158) 2-12-81

Kezskiy Sirzavod (Kez Cheese Factory) is one of the oldest milk industry enterprises of the Udmurt Republic. A wooden building of the butter factory was constructed by a small pond in 1936. Such a location was chosen because ice was required            for milk and cream cooling. All of the factory equipment was hand operated: manual separator, manual churn, final product cooling with ice water, pasteurization in heating tank. 30 tons of butter were produced in a first year of the factory            operation.

The factory has changed a lot in the sixties. A new brick factory building was constructed, a conveyor was installed. Small cheese processing tanks were replaced with the higher production output capacity equipment. The volume of            production has been growing up since then, the equipment has been upgrading.

 Today JSC “Kezskiy Sirzavod” processes up to 300 tons of milk a day and produces about 30 different types of products including:    
- Solid maw cheese “Kostromskoy”, “Poshekhonsky”, “Dutch”.    
- Butter and chocolate butter.    
- Sour cream.    
- Kefir.    
- Yogurt.    
- Acidophiline.    
- Curd products.    
- Cream.    
- Processed cheese.    
- Casein.    
- Buttermilk and whey.

At present time the factory has workshops that produce cheese, butter milk, sour milk products and casein. The factory strives to satisfy all customers needs. This is why the product range and quality is constantly increasing.

Only natural stuffings and ingredients are used in production. The factory produces medicinal and preventive products. Optimized processing procedures and using of the modern packing equipment - all these facts suggest of the highest quality and health-giving qualities of JSC “Kezskiy Sirzavod” products.

Cheeses produced by Kez cheese factory were awarded silver medals at the 2nd National Exhibition “Russian food products - 98” and “Food Products Industry 2001” exhibition which took place in Izhevsk. “Poshekhonsky” cheese was            awarded a bronze medal at “Russian cheese quality contest” exhibition which was held in Krasnodar. The quality of Kez butter has earned the factory a gold medal on “Food Products Industry 2001” exhibition, high gustatory properties were  graded with diplomas and trophies at exhibitions in Kurgan, Uglich, Krasnodar. JSC “Kezskiy Sirzavod” was awarded a promotional diploma, “Best Russian Exporter 2000” and “Best Russian Exporter 2001” contest prize-winner diploma. “Australian  Discovery Market” International Association awarded “Enterprise of the year 2000” title to JSC “Kezskiy Sirzavod”.

JSC “Sarapul Confectionery Factory”

Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Azina 102,
Phone: 7 (34147) 3-74-34, fax: 7 (34147) 3-73-49, 3-74-27

JSC “Sarapul Confectionery Factory” manufactures various kinds of confectionery: candies, caramel, marshmallow, waffles, cookies, cakes. The product range includes more than 200 items.

JSC “Sarapul Liquor Factory”

427900, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Sarapul, Krasniy proezd 1,
Phone: 7 (34147) 2-33-94, fax: 7 (34147) 2-31-80

JSC «Sarapul Liquor Factory» produces over 60 kinds of liquor products.

JSC “Liqueur and Vodka Distillery “Glazovsky”

427600, Russia, the Udmurt Republic,
Glazov, 2nd Naberezhnaya 13,
Phone: 7 (34141) 7-33-32, phone/fax: 7 (34141) 7-33-30, 3-20-40
E-mail:, website:

The origin of the distillery is connected with the history of wine-smoking in Vyatskaya dis­trict. The land of Vyatka was always famous for it wine-smoking. Wine was sent to Perm and Ka­zan districts, by the Kama and the Volga rivers it went to Novgorod and Saratov, it was also sent to Vologda and abroad.

In 1900 vodka distillery was built on Naberezhnaya street, 13 in Glazov.

In 1901 the distillery starts producing Pshenichnaya vodka. Like all other distilleries it was a Tzar monopoly.

Since 1993 Sorokin Nikolai Borisovich becomes the director of the distillery. This is the time of the shops' construction and new equipment application. Production variety increases by kvass and gaze beverages. The main direction of the assortment policy is the liquor production from natural raw materials.

Since 1995 the distillery regularly takes part in Russian and International shows and pos­sesses more than 80 awards.

Since 1997 vodka KALASHNIKOV is exported to different countries of the world.

In 1998 all manufacturing shops are automated. Laboratory is equipped with the high level technique - an automatic gaze chromatograph. This year is also marked by production of beer "Chepetskoe". They also started to produce sweet gaze beverages and water "Syaninskaya".

In 1999 a new facility of the distillery "Glazovsky" is built - a spirits producing shop - in Balesino. Planned efficiency of the shop is 2 thousand decalitres of spirits every 24 hours.

By the summer of 2002 the trade net includes 33 corporate shops and 11 warehouses.


Nowadays, there are 12 names of vodka - Starorusskaya, Glazov, Extra, Feldegerskaya, Italmas, Stradivari's masterpiece, Polevaya, Glazovskaya, Gold Crown, new vodka Udmurt Repub­lic. The pride of our producers - vodka Kalashnikov.

Besides, the corporate design of specialists are of great popularity - balsam Idnakar, bitter Boyarinya Morozova, bitter cocktail Cheptza, punches, aperitives, fruit liquors, dessert beverages and beverages with low content of alcohol. Everyone is delighted with beer Chepetzkoe 1, Chepetzkoe 3, sweet gaze beverages produced from natural sugar - Limonade, Dushes, Buratino, Kola, Tonic, Cream-soda, Extra-sitro, Aromat barbarisa and drinking water Syaninskaya, with and with­out gaze.

Spirits producing shop manufactures 3 classes of spirits - the highest clean. Extra, Luxe.

The products manufactured at JSC “Liquor and Vodka Distillery “Glazovsky” was awarded with numerous medals on international exhibitions and contests: American International Fair "Birmingham Torch Award 1995"; London - International  Trade Fair of Wine "Olimpia - 99"; Belgium. Brussels - "Eurica - 99"; St.Petersburg - 2001; The 8th International Specialized Fair "St. Petersburg Beer Auction", "Beer and Beverage Design"; Moscow - the 4th Russian Show "The Quality of the XXI Century"; Moscow - The 1st Russian Spirits Fair.

Since 1995 distillery "Glazovsky" has won more than 80 medals: gold - 30, silver -29, bronze - 28, Honorary diploma of different grades - more than 30.