To whom it may concern (Ulianovsk Automobile Plant)

Dear Sirs!

Ulianovsk Automobile Plant is the largest Russian manufacturer of all-wheel drive cargo-passenger vehicles, light trucks and ambulances. Production capacity of the plant amounts to 120 000 units per year.

Distinguishing features of UAZ vehicles are simple design, easy maintenance and manufacture on the base of unified parts and units makes servicing substantially cheaper.

Traditionally UAZ vehicles are operated both in town and rural areas, serving the needs of farmers, hospitals, commercial structures, transport and industrial enterprises.

UAZ vehicles showed their best performances during exploitation in off-road conditions, in forestry and hunting, mining enterprises, military structures and police.

From 1957 to 1999 500000 UAZ vehicles were delivered to 56 countries of the world.

Taking into account market demand the plant is currently modernizing old models and launching new ones upgrading their technical characteristics in conformity with international standards.

Ulianovsk Automobile Plant   is ready to study any commercial offers on deliveries of vehicles, spare parts, service maintenance and organization of assembly production abroad.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Rubashkin,     Chief of Export Sales Division

Ulianovsk Automobile Plant 

Whom it may concern

FROM: A. Rubashkin, Chief of Export Sales Division
FAX: (8422) 40-63-56, (8422) 40-61-68, (8422) 40-61-69

Dear Sirs,

PJSC "Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod" is the Russian leader of productions and sales of reliable all-drive cross-country cargo-passenger vehicles, light trucks, ambulance cars and mini-buses. We manufacture multipurpose vehicles, which render help in working and can be used in recreation activity.

PJSC "UAZ" has started a two-year program of UAZ model range renewal and updating. This program implies launching into production a new generation of cross-country commercial vehicles. UAZ-Hunter - a streamlined off-road vehicle - has already been launched into serial production enabling UAZ company to secure its positions in the segment of inexpensive off-road vehicles varying from 5 to 7 thousand US dollars. 

Up to the end of the current year PJSC "UAZ" plans to increase the volume of products which meet the EURO-II requirements: UAZ SIMBIR, UAZ HUNTER equipped with injection engine ZMZ-409.10 with antitoxic systems, equipped with three component catalytic neutralizer, the fuel vapor recovery system and the fuel distribution injection system. The production of right-hand drive UAZ vehicles is being serialized at the present time.

If you run automotive business and is interested in purchasing all-drive cross-country vehicles PSJC "UAZ" kindly asks you to visit our official web-site and offers you to start mutually beneficial cooperation. PJSC "UAZ" confirms the willingness to consider every commercial proposals on delivery of UAZ vehicles to Africa.  

Best regards,

A.Rubashkin, Chief of Export Sales Division